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Welcome to CeDEx

At CeDEx we conduct research into how people make decisions. For that we require the participation of volunteers. No special skills are required, and most participants will receive a reward (normally cash).

In an economics experiment you are placed in a situation where you have to make decisions. For instance we may give you goods that you can then trade with the other participants; or, in studies of attitudes towards risk, we may give you a choice between receiving a certain amount of money and a gamble where you may win more or less.

Experiments take place at the School of Economics (University Park Campus) or Business School (Jubilee Campus) throughout the year, and typically last between 30 and 90 minutes. People are usually paid for participating in our experiments. The amount can vary but we can tell you that most participants have been willing to come back and take part in several experiments. The amount we pay can depend on the decisions you make during an experiment, decisions other people make and an element of chance. All our designs have ethical approval before an experiment takes place. For scientific reasons, and to avoid creating false expectations, we cannot say too much about the average payment; if there is anything unusual in the design which may affect the payment you receive, then we will tell you when you sign up for that experiment.

To take part in our experiments you must first register with us. Click on "Register" in the menu on the left. Registering with CeDEx does not commit you to anything, and you can withdraw your name from the register at any time. Once registered, you become eligible to receive e-mail messages inviting you to experiments. Those messages will offer you opportunities to take part in experiments.

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