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I have seen that there are Sessions with free places in the calendar. Why can I not sign up for these sessions? 211 persons
Do you pay me for participating in experiments? How much? 201 persons
How can I cancel my signing up for an experiment? 148 persons
Who can take part in CeDEx experiments? 78 persons
What is the meaning of the three question marks ??? after an experiment under Experiments You Participated In? 75 persons
Do I have to show up when I am invited to an experiment

69 persons
I have signed up for a session, but cannot sign up for any of the other sessions, because they disappeared! 55 persons
Should I put in fake information when registering with CeDEx? 55 persons
I have been registered with CeDEx as an undergraduate student and I am about to start my postgraduate studies here at the University of Nottingham. Shall I open a new account with my postgraduate details? 44 persons

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